Homeowners and Borrowers

Mobile Home Purchase Program

The Mobile Home Purchase Program provides financing at a low interest rate to first-time homebuyers purchasing a mobile home in the State of Connecticut.


First-time homebuyers are defined as an applicant who has not owned a home within the last three (3) years.  If the applicant has owned a home within this timeframe, you may still qualify to buy a mobile home in certain towns.  Your household income must also be within the program limit to qualify for this loan.  The income limits are set by the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) on a town-by-town basis. To see the CHFA's income limits, click here:

The mobile home must be located in a State of Connecticut licensed mobile home park (Co-ops are NOT eligible).  The minimum down payment for these loans is 20%. These loans are NOT eligible for down payment assistance.  A good credit history is also required.

 Key Features

  • Low interest rate
  • 30-year fixed rate term
  • Low closing costs
  • One-on-one personal attention
  • No application fee
  • No prepayment penalty

To request an application for the Mobile Home Purchase Program, please email homebuyers@chif.org or call 860-761-1627 (800-992-3665 x2033 Toll free)